Moz-ThunderBird Inbox Counting [Aneh]

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I moved to thunderbird dari OE.
Reasonnya Thunderbird 1.5.0 sudah support smtp ke smtp dengan ipv6 enabled.
Success euy 🙂

Namun ada kendala, saat opening Thunderbird.
Sgt berat sekali, di setiap start.
Check punya check (bukan check duit)… ternyata inbox sudah 39 ribu lebih.

Aneh bin mustahal, padahal isinya bisa kelihatan ga nyampe segitu.
Googling2, dapat info ginian.
Hapus file *.msf di local folder diluar inbox (termsuk sent item dll).
Dengan catatan Thunderbirdnya ditutup dulu.

Supaya save, sent.msf atau msf lain yang berguna pindah ke folder lain ajah.
Restart mozilla OK lagi deh…

.:: 2404:170::253:10

Mozilla Thunderbird Maintenance

I’ve been using Mozilla Thunderbird as my exclusive desktop mail client at home and work for the last six or eight months. It’s been a perfectly capable and full-feature mail client, it’s not part of the Microsoft monopoly, and I like supporting Mozilla.
Several weeks ago though, my home instance started having problem. The indicator was that the Inbox count (the number of messages) was incorrect, and would often rapidly increase to a huge and incorrect number (200,000+ sometimes). Additionally, checking mail found sometimes fail, and the status bar would display incorrect or irrelevant information.
I did a little research and learned that I should be (have been) compacting my folders regularily to prevent mailbox corruption. To do so, highlight a folder or account, and go File > Compact Folders. Check out How to compact folders in Mozilla Thunderbird for all the details.
I tried several times to compact the folders, but either the process would fail or, if compeleted, wouldn’t fix the program. I concluded after research that this indicated the my mailbox data files had become corrupt. The mail data was OK, but the index, or table of contents of that data was corrupt.
Lukily, Thunderbird can easily create a new index file (foo.msf, for Mail Summary File), and will do so automatically if it finds the file missing. After locating my Profile Folder, I deleted all the .msf files that were causing problems. (Actually ALL of ‘em, just to be safe.) There’s a .msf for each of your mail folders, so your number of .msf files will vary — I had a few dozen.
(To be safe, cut-and-paste a copy of your Profile Folder to a safe location before mucking around in your profile.)


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