Dua IP yang sama dalam 1 Router [Switch Redundancy]

Posted on October 30, 2006. Filed under: Cisco |

Router dengan 2 interfaces connect ke 2 Switch.
Supaya Redundancy switch OK.
Berikut config dari Bang Oliv (Cisco.Com)

interface Ethernet0
ip address
interface Ethernet1
backup interface Ethernet0
ip address

Pada kelanjutannya teknik ini bisa dipakai untuk Router1 – Switch1&2 – Router2
Sehingga terjadi redundancy.

Kalo menggunakan Layer 3 Switches, pakai BVI

Vincent De Keyzer wrote:
>> If you are using router 1700/2600/2800/3600/3700/3800 you could use
>> Ethernet
>> Switch (ESW) Module/card . Configure vlan access mode to connected ports,
>> and configure SVI / interface vlan which is using single IP address. It’s
>> just like a switch.
> It’s a 7206VXR…
A little late on the reply here, but you can do this on your router with
IRB (integrated routing and bridging) and a BVI interface. Sample:

bridge 1 protocol ieee
bridge irb
bridge 1 route ip

interface Fa0/0
bridge-group 1
no ip address

interface Fa0/1
bridge-group 1
no ip address

int BVI1
ip address x.x.x.x m.m.m.m

This has not been live tested — from memory, but should be pretty darn
close. The router will now be accessible to devices on the Fa0/0 and
Fa0/1 VLAN as x.x.x.x. BVI1 is now the L3 interface to the router from
that network.



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